June 16, 2005

All you wanna do is boss around Sally (boss sally boss)

More crypto shenanigans in the Rovers, which is becoming alarmingly like the Bates Motel as the weeks progress; loony downstairs with no friends, female figure appearing at the window occasionally, "We don't get many people coming in these days, not since they made Rosamund Street one-way"....

Anyway, Shell gets out of bed and dressed up to go shopping (in Evans' no doubt, the high street shop for fat rabbits), only to look out of the window and see her mother talking to Charlie, thus ending her desire to go shopping and sends her frankly more barmy than before, why is not explained very well. Charlie comes to see her and she says something like, " I forbid you to see that woman again Norman! She is evil, you will not see her again Norman!". Charlie tries for the "more than a cuggle" approach again but it rebbuffed. No borderline rapeage for you tonight pal, sling it!

Bradley Walsh has to go out and tells Janice to inform McBarlow that he is in charge. Spying an opportunity to rub Sally's nose in her faux-poshism, the postbox in a wig tells Sally that Bradley has put her in charge. Sally: happy, Janice: last collection 4:30. Sally sets about straightening out the evidently cockamamie show that is the factory computer. On Bradley's return he tells Sally to get away from the precious things of the office or else she'll be out, OUT I TELL YOU! Sally cries and runs home only to face more Herbivorous resistance from Rersie.

Enough is enough for Sally who goes mental mental, chicken oriental as she rips up and launches a bunch of tulips into everyone's dinner. Kevin is not a happy man because he only got the stalks and everyone knows the Northern man gets the biggest piece of dinner, flora or not.

More wonderful scenes from Blanche and one of her cronies, this time involving line dancing, a sore hip and "Wagon's Roll!" in a wheelchair...she is fabulous. Tracy is more concerned about the house, we are more concerned by which method we woudl most like to see Tracy killed.

Roy's grandad is dead and he might see his dad again. Apparently he wasn't very nice, don;t worry I'm sure he'll beam with pride when he finds out you've grown up into a weirdo married to another bloke.

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